The Biggest FIFA 14 Coins Question

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Of course, the biggest FIFA 14 Coins question about the PS2 version is how do the graphics hold up? Answer: surprisingly well. Granted, there's no way you'll mistake this edition of Chaos Theory with the ones on the Xbox or PC (we've been extremely impressed with the visuals in both versions thus far), but this is definitely a fine-looking PS2 game.
Sony's aging hardware can't reproduce advanced graphical techniques like bump-mapping to the same degree as newer platforms, but Ubi's PS2 developers seem to have done a nice job of "faking" these effects wherever possible. We've seen rough-hewn stone walls that appear to have real texture, for instance, and while the effect isn't as striking as it is on the Xbox, Chaos Theory should present itself favorably next to most other PS2 games. The visuals do seem extremely dark, though, even in comparison to other versions of the game. Perhaps the lighting levels are still undergoing final tweaking before the game's release.

If you're a Splinter Cell fan, that release may come sooner than expected--the game is due out March 28, just a couple of weeks from now. We've discovered during past previews that Sam Fisher has more equipment and techniques than ever before, and we're looking forward to seeing how his latest mission plays out. This PS2 version won't contain all of the modes that the Xbox and PC versions will, but if you're a Sony-bound stealth action fan, it looks like this port of the game will do you right. Stay tuned for more on Chaos Theory, and look for a full review at the time of release.


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